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How To Care for Bellami Extensions

How To Care for Bellami Extensions

  • Friday, 11 June 2021
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How To Care for Bellami Extensions

Bellami extensions are a modern and exciting way to add instant length to your hair, which is why they are so popular with celebrities such as Rihanna and Charlize Theron.bellami extensions In fact, Bellami weaves are said to have increased the length and fullness of the celebrities' hair, making it appear thicker and more luxurious. But what exactly are bellami weaves and how do they work?

Basically, bellami extensions are hair extensions that are made from a special type of silk which has been specially treated to handle the extra weight of a human hair.bellami extensions Silk is known to be one of the most natural fabrics available, and this makes it perfect for extensions. By using a special threading system, your hair extensions are securely added to your own natural hair, without the use of traditional Saran wrap or glue. By using these types of hair extensions, you can add an instantly dramatic new twist to your style, or even to enhance your natural beauty by creating completely different styles.

The design of the bellami extensions is simple: the hair extension is placed onto the wearer's own hair with the help of a comb or a clip. By using a comb, you can easily make small sections of your hair extensions and then use a head band to secure them together, or you can make the sections even shorter by separating them using a small section of your hair. You can also choose to leave the curls and waves untreated, or you can choose to use heat protectant. Heat protectant is used because extensions tend to shrink once removed from the head, so it prevents your extensions from sagging.

Once secured, you will need to apply a heat protectant to keep your extensions in good condition. This is particularly important if your extensions have been designed to use headbands or clip on pieces. If you don't heat protectant them, your extensions can quickly become damaged when being washed in a washing machine or by hand. You will need to apply heat protectant on the extensions using the head band or the heat protecting strips that are available from many stores. It is important to ensure that the extensions are washed thoroughly; this includes the use of a shampoo and conditioner, and it is also advisable to rinse out any hair products that you have used on the hair. After washing, you will need to allow your hair to dry naturally; this can be done by leaving the extension out overnight or by allowing it to sit in a towel in the bathroom and drying it with a blow dryer over the course of the next few days.

Once your hair has dried, you will be able to style them - but before styling them, you should first attach them to your own hair with the help of a comb, or clip. This ensures that the extensions are securely in place. If your new silk seam has not arrived with your extensions, you can sew them on using hair glue, or use a serger to sew them down through the use of small stitches. Once attached, styling tools such as brushes and hair dryers can be used to straighten the hair and create waves, curls, and waves depending on your desire.

The Bellami extensions come in a range of natural and synthetic hair types. While natural hair types require minimal upkeep every 4 months, synthetic hair types will need to be shampooed and conditioned every 6 weeks. For the natural types, special care is required to maintain them; it is also important to keep them away from extreme hot and cold temperatures, extreme windy conditions and strong sunlight. If you want to preserve your natural hair types, it is important to condition and shampoo them on a regular basis.

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