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Installing Toupees on an Area Rug

  • Monday, 13 September 2021
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Installing Toupees on an Area Rug

Are you thinking of getting a lace frontal but are worried about the cost? Toupees are quite costly when bought ready made from specialist stores.lace frontal a rug However, you can make your own lace frontal at home. If you have some carpentry experience you may be able to do it yourself, or you can employ someone to come and do it for you.

Firstly get yourself a decent pair of scissors and a measuring tape.lace frontal a rug lace frontal a rug You will need about a yard of wool, which you should be able to buy from a wool shop. A hand tool or a power drill is needed for this job, and of course you should have all the tools and materials that you think you may need handy. The more you are going to be using the lace frontal, the better quality you should get.

Start by cutting out the desired size of your lace frontal.lace frontal a rug lace frontal a rug The measurement that you take needs to be about twice as long as the edge of your head, plus half an inch all around. This should leave about two inches of extra fabric, which you will want to fold and stuff into a sock. Sew the bottom edge of the lace frontal to itself, folding the edges under so that they match up. Put this inside the sock, and repeat the process with the other side.

Once you have completed this section of the lace frontal, fold it back into a triangle shape and lay it flat. This should give you the perfect base from which to attach your rugs, and then you can decide what you want to do to the rest of the lace frontal. You can tie it off to one corner with a knot, or you can use some fishing line and pin it in there until it is locked in. Once this is done, you can sew on any of your preferred rugs to the outer edge of the lace frontal, and you are done.

Next you want to outline where the bottom of your lace frontal will go by drawing a line around the entire area, and tucking in the edges of the lace frontal accordingly. Then you want to pin the bottom of the lace frontal to a thin cardboard tube with the end tied off so that it cannot come out and expose your body. Make sure the tube is straight by pushing it against the floor at different angles so that you get a good idea of how far off you need to go. Keep in mind, when tucking in the edges of the area, that you want to keep your body out of the way of the area, so that the area looks more like a rounded shape instead of a rectangle.

The last step is to glue the whole area onto the floor, and then to tack the edges of the lace frontal to the floor with fishing line so that it does not move around while you walk through it or lay anything on it. After this, you can secure the area rug to the floor by tacking small pieces of cardboard onto it or by using some heavy duty magnetic tape. If you find that none of these methods work, or if you find that they make the area rug move around too much, then you may want to consider getting some new or extra area rugs instead. These are fairly inexpensive and can work well, especially if you put in effort to match up the colors and styles between the new rug and the original one.

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