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Hair Extensions After Chemotherapy

  • Thursday, 10 June 2021
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Hair Extensions After Chemotherapy

When you go in for hair extensions after chemotherapy, there are some things you should keep in mind before you buy them. From a distance, they may usually be fine to wear, although up close it may be apparent as to the difference between synthetic and human hair. While being made from real human hair, whether that's your own hair or another person's, it is always advisable to go for hair extensions which are in the same shade as your natural hair, preferably, being almost exactly the same as it is on your scalp. This will help avoid a wide range of problems.

Chemotherapy often involves the use of hair extensions. They are used to give you a fuller, longer look. You can find extensions in various lengths: full ringlets, bobbles, twists, clips, weaves, weft, razors, twists, weaves, weft assemblies and virgin hair. The hair extensions after chemo are usually all the same length as your natural hair - you don't want to be tempted to buy a shorter extension than you had intended to, or to buy a different colour that doesn't suit your natural colour. Chemotherapy often causes a scalp infection, so it is important that you buy the correct colour of human hair natural hair lace front human hair human hair synthetic lace human hair synthetic lace wigs (ideally, one that matches your hair colour).

If you're buying a hair extension after chemo, ensure that you read the instructions carefully! Some methods involve the use of heat irons, others chemicals. Don't just hand over your cash: take advice first, before you get yourself into such a situation. You can usually get the colour change from your stylist at the beginning of the process; some will even do this for free, if you haven't already bought your extensions. Make sure that your stylist is experienced with these types of hair treatments.

Chemotherapy leaves behind scarring, so hair extensions after chemo might not be suitable for everyone. This is because the scalp is often bruised, and new hair might appear blotchy. The best thing to do, if you're going in for these types of hair extensions, is to buy a good quality one that will last. You can still look just as good as you did before: just choose extensions that won't cause a problem.

One of the biggest advantages of having hair extensions after chemo is that you can try out different looks every day. This is especially useful if you've had your hair done while you were still going through the chemotherapy stage. Think about the styles that would suit you best, whether they involve short hair or long hair - you can experiment until you find the perfect look. Many a stylist will ask you to go in for a different style every day. If you're going to try out a different hairdresser, make sure that they are comfortable with your choice of hair extensions. You don't want to end up in a salon very unhappy!

If you're still feeling down about your appearance, it's worth asking your doctor if you can take hormonal supplements. It's quite common for hair loss to occur when you start menopause. Your body will start to produce less of the proteins it needs, which means that it might be time to look for a hair growth product. Hormonal supplements can boost your body's production of hair growth vitamins and stop hair loss, so it's worth trying this route.

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